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The Process........

                                                                                                 The Process for having a custom item made is as follows 

  •    Schedule a consultation on our website based on the services that are needed.

  •    Once you're at the consultation we will discuss the Design being requested, you'll have your measurements taken, a deposit will be made for the cost of the garment ( the deposit is 60%of the cost).

  •   Once the Deposit is taken materials will be chosen and purchased

  •   The garment will be designed up until 80% of the garment is completed by the first fitting time is appointed.

  •   Once at the fitting any alterations if any that are needed will be addressed, and the Final Payment is due at the first Dress fitting which is the remaining 40% of the garment cost.

  •  The final fitting where all alterations have been completed and the garment will be finished and ready to take home. If there are any small adjustments needed they will be done at that    time.

  • We do ask that you not schedule a Dress to be made unless you have a minimum of 4 weeks to spare as we service multiple clients within the same time frame. 

                                                                               Prom Process

The process is the same for prom. our starting price for prom gowns is $1500. 

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